CodeBlendHub proudly partnered with SAU Holding to embark on a transformative digital journey. Through meticulous planning, expert development, and unwavering dedication, we successfully crafted four distinct web platforms, each tailored to showcase SAU Holding's diverse portfolio of businesses. Our collaborative journey included creating the UniGlobal website, a digital gateway to the world of food manufacturing; the Afri Oil & Gas website, offering insights into the dynamic Oil & Gas industry; the SkyHigh Group website, a portal into the world of real estate; and the Afriq Investment website, showcasing the vast array of agro-business products in Senegal. Additionally, SAU Holdings' own website was meticulously designed as a central hub to seamlessly present all these thriving enterprises.


The culmination of our efforts has resulted in a suite of web platforms that not only embody excellence in design and functionality but also serve as powerful tools for SAU Holding to engage with their audience and foster growth across their diverse businesses. These websites stand as beacons of innovation and professionalism, offering valuable insights, information, and access to SAU Holding's ventures. Our partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-tier digital solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. Together, we have created a digital presence that resonates with SAU Holding's vision, reflecting their commitment to e

  • Client
    SAU Holdings
  • Budget
  • Duration
    30 Days

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