I have +05 Years of Experience in Software development

Much of my work revolves around freelancing in the realm of IT consulting. I collaborate with both well-established tech firms and small to large local businesses, as well as educational institutions and other entities. My goal is to enhance their digital experiences either by contributing to ongoing projects or by creating bespoke tech solutions tailored to their needs.

No matter what kind of enterprise you're engaged in, whether it's a dynamic creative agency, a cutting-edge digital studio, or any other exciting venture, I'm perpetually poised and eager to collaborate with you or contribute my expertise to your cause.

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I Have Global Network Of Clients

Through the remarkable platform of LinkedIn, I have triumphantly cultivated a worldwide clientele network. It's a continual source of delight to engage with individuals hailing from diverse corners of the globe, engaging in mutual learning experiences while rendering my services to them. This enriching journey never ceases to invigorate my spirit, fostering an unending thirst for the boundless realms of knowledge and skills that our world has to offer.

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I Have +05 Years Of Experience and Love Of Tech

A significant portion of my work revolves around providing IT consulting services. I partner with well-established tech companies, small and large local businesses, educational institutions, and a diverse range of clients. The objective is to enhance their digital experience by actively engaging in ongoing projects or crafting tailor-made technological solutions to meet their specific needs.

I collaborate with prestigious companies such as ERTIS Senegal, a leader in industrial equipment sales in Senegal, Point Click Technologies, a company specializing in cloud computing, UniGlobal in the agro-food sector, Sky Group in real estate, and Afri Oil & Gas in the petroleum and gas industry.

IT Consulatnt & Software developer

Mohamed NDIAYE

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